Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From Baggage to BAG - My Husband Doesn't Mow the Lawn. That's OK!

Traditionally the man of the house mows the lawn, but I am happy to take the job. And all those single mothers out there with young children are thinking what's the big deal. We can watch the children and mow at the same time and by the way we shovel the snow too.

10 thoughts that turn my baggage of my husband not mowing the lawn to my Believe Act Go fuel.

#10 - I enjoy seeing the spiders and crickets arise from the depths from the vibration.

#9 - It beats sitting on my butt in my windowless office all day.

#8 - Hubby spends 50% of his days outside. This gives him more couch time. Good for him.

#7 - This is one of the few times when it's ok to go in circles.

#6 - It avoids getting a nasty letter from the city. They are anti-jungle.

#5 - It avoids nasty glares from our lawn anal neighbors. I do not mow at an angle and I only fertilize once a year. I like mowing but not that much.

#4 - I mow the weeds at the same time I mow the grass. 2 for 1 YAH!!!

#3 - I consider this as "me" time. The humming is very thought provoting.

#2 - I can say that I sweat without lying. I actually feel sweat drip down my legs.

#1 - I get an instant sense of accomplishment. I need a few easy wins in my life.

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