Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why Be a Yes Lady When You Can Be an OH Yes Lady?

Copyright Kim Lampe 2008

I've got a small little challenge you can't pass up. I'm looking for my founding Believe Act Go Ladies who will be very influential in defining the direction of my outrageously crazy, fun venture. Modern B.A.G. Ladies provides women with their daily dose of Believe vitamin and charge women to Act, because women deep down desire to Go to places they thought were only in their dreams. We will spread our new found joy, shred our own and other's fears and just have more fun. We are real! We are not yes ladies! We are OH YES Ladies and it feels damn good!

I could bore you with all the details now but what FUN would that be. Instead I'll just give you a little taste of an OH Yes moment and A B.A.G. Challenge.

One of my recent OH Yes Moments: The other day I sent a very good friend of mine a little crazy challenge just to lighten up the day. I challenged her to sing her song even if she didn't know all the words. You know, bang your head kind of singing your song!! The next day she left me a singing voice mail. I love laughing out loud in my office all by myself (she inspires this laughter thing in me often). It makes people wonder what the heck I'm doing in there. Well, I had to Google the lyrics to the song. I emailed them to her (adding some of my own words) because she obviously didn't know all the words but that really didn't matter.

My OH Yes followed the B.A.G. & the B.A.G. fuels more OH Yes: Why did I send that little message to my friend? Everyone needs a little help Believing in themselves. When I do not Act on my belief that I am here to spread joy, shred fear and have more fun I am not being my true self. When I do the B and the A, I Go to the place where my dreams meet my reality.
Copyright Kim Lampe 2008

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