Sunday, August 17, 2008

Your BB's - Born, Buried, Borrowed, Bought Beliefs

We carry different kinds of B's along with us in our Traveling Sanctuaries. We have a mixture of all these BB's.

  • Born Beliefs·
  • Buried Beliefs
  • Borrowed Beliefs
  • Bought Beliefs

What does a baby believe? Well at first probably just that they need food, a dry diaper and a warm blanket. Soon we notice they have their own special personality and as they grow they become so acutely aware of their Born Beliefs. And just as soon as they become aware, the world influences can turn those born beliefs into Buried Beliefs. Conform, conform, conform, conform, young grasshopper! Hey, I know it's difficult riding that fine line between guidance and conformity, but what a gift in nurturing a child's uniqueness. I have my own evidence that I was born with a belief in my true self, but that's a long story that I can share at a later date.
As I'm writing this, I'm listening to XM 70's on 7. 70's music totally unearths my Buried Belief that I am one funky mamma. Just give me a dance floor and disco ball. John Travolta has nothing on me! (random thought, as my daughter would say)

Your born beliefs may be just below the surface or they may be buried deep. If your parents didn't bury your born beliefs, you may have buried them yourself with Borrowed and Bought Beliefs the world was offering. Hey, they even hand out free B's, just look at the media. Too bad they didn't come with a warning. "By accepting this bought or borrowed belief you may need to surrender your born given right to your own B". It has been my experience that when I was afraid to be myself or afraid that what I had to offer wasn't enough, I bought and borrowed beliefs that were not my own.

Buying and borrowing is not all bad. There is hope for these B's. Buy and borrow things that fuel your own B and that you can afford. But, if the stuff (affectionately called cr_p) you buy distracts you from acting on your born beliefs, reassess and reprioritize. Here's an example. If we buy this camper we will spend time together as a family, we will enjoy the outdoors together and become a closer family. Well, the camper will not make this happen. Your born belief that family time is valuable, should be realized before buying the camper. The camper should be the fuel for that born belief, not the thing that robs the fuel.

We Believe we have born beliefs, buried beliefs, borrowed and bought beliefs. We will Act on our born and buried beliefs. We will fuel our Traveling Sanctuary with bought and borrowed beliefs that align with our true selves. Action will shred fears that disguise themselves as beliefs. And finally, GO GIRLS GO!!!


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