Sunday, August 31, 2008

Inspired By Laundry - Turning my Baggage into BAG

"Mom!!!!!!! where is my tennis uniform?!?!" Yes, I am your mother and how would I know where you left your uniform? Logic would tell you that I picked it off of your bedroom floor, scattered with clean and dirty clothes, but these days doing laundry just isn't that important. Why do you think everyone in the house has 2 weeks supply of underwear? Hey I actually wore a dress to work the other day. Everyone asked me what the occasion was and I replied, "I didn't have anything else to wear and laundry day is 3 days away."

Well as usual the laundry has piled up and today was marathon laundry day. I really was in the zone, but thinking to myself why the heck do we own so many clothes that I can let laundry go this long? Seems pretty wasteful. That got me thinking about my closet. How many times have I thought to myself, "look at all these clothes"? Old, too small, too big, FLANNEL, pleats in the front that make my belly look puffy, out of date. I have been thinking this for at least a year.

A job I thought was going to take hours took exactly 2o minutes. Like I said I was in a zone today. Here's what I learned from letting go of the baggage of old unworn clothes.

  1. Keeping a range of clothes sizes 8-16 whispers in your ear that you can not maintain a healthy weight for your life time. I gained some confidence today only keeping the stuff that fits today and will fit in a few months because I will strive to become more fit and healthy.

  2. If the weight I could lose equaled the weight of that pile of clothes I would be a size 0. Size 10-12 is more realistic.

  3. Front pleats can not look good, even on a 100 lb runway model. PLEATS???WHY???

  4. There is an irony in buying 20 plastic hangers from Wal-Mart one day and the next gaining 41 more which no longer hold old ugly clothes.

  5. Your 6 year old son can be self sufficient and get his own snack (strawberries with sugar)when mom is busy on a mission.

  6. A JUST DO IT attitude works when birthing babies AND cleaning out your closet.

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