Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am Sooo Tired Tonight

I am going to be good tonight and go to bed at a decent time. I'm sitting here with my daughter telling her how proud I am of myself learning all kinds of new stuff on embedding code, adding badges and other techie kind of stuff. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks and it makes us want to do back flips. Better make sure I don't throw my back out or break my arm patting myself on the back.

Right now I asked my daughter, Paige to go take a picture, so I can add it to this post. She is so creative and fun. She's my young B*A*G girl in the optimism photo. She did that herself with a timer and photoshop. I think she has some talent!!!!

Here's my random thought of the day.

Big Ass Book of Crafts - About $25 I see much blogging love out there for this book!!

Old Chair from Salvation Army $10

10 rolls of colorful Duct tape $30

Spending time with your daughter creating a cool, funky chair for her bedroom

Priceless Oh YES Moment!!

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