Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pure Love of a Child - Grandpa and Grandchild

Grandpa Longenius Hochstein came to me in my dream last night. They called him Long for short. I don't recall ever dreaming of my grandpa before last night. I came across this photograph of him weeks ago. It reminds me to love today with the pure love of a child. Unassuming, grateful for just the time together. I shouldn't let adulthood pollute the purity of my inner child.

The cousins posing so playfully. Pigeons. Pets one hour and target practice the next. The farm. Oh what a great place to be. Here's my chance. Standing on the picnic table. Just at the right height to give Grandpa a kiss.

He was a quiet thoughtful man. There was nothing better than a ride in his Chevy pickup. Brown with a topper. Always Certs in the door pocket ready for the stealing. And don't forget that monkey that lived inside the air conditioner. Strangely enough the monkey would only squeal when Grandpa turned on the fan.

There is so much more I could write about my Grandpa, but no need. It is all visible to me looking at the pure love I have for him in this picture.

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