Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aren't Dads Suppose to Teach their Sons to Lift The....


I usually don't make a habit of ranting on my blog. Not too empowering, but I was so inspired by an unpleasant experience just 10 minutes ago. Let's just say that I failed to observe prior to taking a rest on the only seat available in the necessary room. GAVIN!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am so disgusted. Do boys ever learn to wrangle their their .... wee wee's? Just hit the hole. It's not a small hole. Do you have attention deficit? Usually you are so in tune with it (your wee wee's that is and well holes too for that matter). Ready! Aim! Fire!

My husband's job takes him away from home and we just ended a month long tour without him. I so appreciate what he does for Gavin and what he teaches Gavin (Gavin's 6). I'm adding a few things to the "still need to teach him" list.

  1. It's not completely healthy when your mother gets her needed dose of affection from the family dog when dad is away. Throw mom a bone occasionally and give her a hug and kiss. She will be like putty in your hands.
  2. When you show unconditional love to the family dog and tell TULA that you LOVE her, your mother takes joy in knowing that everyone has the capacity to give unconditional love. Even if you don't hug and kiss mom any more.
  3. Don't make such a big deal about dad coming home, after a month, and proclaim that the delicious supper of mashed potatoes and meatloaf, cooked by dad, is the best home cooked meal they have had in a while. Mom's not exactly proud of her new microwavable meal menu plan.
  4. LIFT THE LID. Don't wait so long to go to the bathroom that you are in such a rush and do not have time to LIFT THE LID. Ok is this clear??? LIFT THE LID.

I so admire single parents!!!!!! I believe they are champions.

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Anonymous said...

Kim, I must say thank goodness I have a girl. Yes, I realize I still have to worry about wee wee's until she gets older:)