Thursday, September 4, 2008

Put some B*A*G Fuel In Your Bag

I got a new bag yesterday and I must say I LOVE IT!!! Barbara and Sarah of ete handbags customized the perfect bag for me. You can choose your inner/outer fabrics (I added a plastic liner), add inside pockets, add a matching coin purse, etc. You see I've added some maintenance tools & fuel to my Bag (Traveling Sanctuary), so I needed some more leg room and trunk space.

My B*A*G in my bag.....
  1. What is a Dancing B*A*G Lady without her Ipod? A Crazy B*A*G Lady shaking her booty to pretend music. Trust me I do dance when there is no music playing, I call it doing the "Happy Dance". Eating yummy food and finding stray coinage invoke the "Happy Dance".
  2. A "no excuse not to use a reusable shopping bag" compact shopping bag from Target, supplied by Green Bag helps me do my part to preserve the environment. Seems so small, but every little bit helps. Small Changes = Big Benefits. 'Here I come to Save The Earth"!
  3. Food For Thought - Daily Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much. Perspective, perspective, perspective.
  4. Brain dumping into this little green journal is like having my own personal therapist. The good, the bad, the ugly. It all eventually makes sense, even if it is seven years later (story for another blog entry).

Remember, "Let's Make A Deal" game show? Well it's the end of this post so I ask, "Do you have any B*A*G fuel in your bag? Love to hear from you.

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