Sunday, September 21, 2008

Put Your Traveling Sanctuary into Nuetral - Be Still

Look at the tremendous energy just before the calm of the water below. There is a time for stillness. My wish is that you find just 5 minutes a day to quiet your mind. It takes practice being still. It's hard for women who do too much to trust the "productivity" that hides in the stillness. So much of your wisdom can be found there. Quiet room, pay attention to your breathing, close your eyes. Ask yourself, "Am I breathing?"


In the stillness my heart is full. It overflows.
I am rendered speechless. There are no words to describe this feeling I have.
As my heart overflows a river appears that reaches beyond.
This river connects to every living creature and abundance exists.

I do not want to leave the stillness, but I know I must.
I must remember that I can bring it to every moment and every moment I must.

This must be what true love is. How can it not be.
As true love is the greatest gift and in stillness the greatest gift I have received.
Love is inside me and inside every being.

This gift I have must be shared, but how I wonder.
I know it is inside us all, if only glimpses at a time.
I see, I must be the mirror to others so they can see it in themselves.

I now cry tears of joy. The river flows.

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Terry Grahl said...

Hello Kim,

I hope all is well and your still believing in your heart desires...

Many Blessings,