Monday, September 8, 2008

B*A*G Book Notes - First in a Series of Many

Here's my first post I will call B*A*G Book Notes". Kinda like cliff notes for really busy women (all of us). I will translate each chapter into B*A*G terms. So watch out Oprah! Your book club has nothing on me. I am actually a fan of Oprah. I totally buy into this whole, Live Your Best Life, thing.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............First featured book is...........ladies and ladies.........

Is WORK a four letter work for you? Sometimes work does SUCK. So, I was intrigued to learn more about how to make work SUCK less or not at all. You know there is something about the word SUCKS that kinda gets your attention. Let's say it in unison, out loud (all children out of the room) SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS. It kinda has a certain ring to it. Now that I have that out of my system. Typing this word is one thing, but saying it in a mixed crowd is not recommended.

Let me frame it up for you. This book challenges us to shift how we measure success at work. They claim our mentality around "time' at work is from The Industrial Age. It discusses presenteeism and the hours of unproductive time spent at work. There is a misconception that the more time you spend at work the more value an employee brings to the company.

Cali and Jody helped to develop the ROWE (sm) - Results Only Work Environment at Best Buy, which essentially gave employees back control of their time as long as they produced the results. This means there are no set hours or meetings. Best Buy saw their productivity increase in departments that adopted ROWE (sm). They do not claim it to be an easy transition or that it is for every company, but they.....

believe there is a better way, worthy of consideration for the sake of more productive companies and a society filled with happier citizens with more balanced lives. There are small actions needed to slowly move towards ROWE (sm). Companies can go beyond treating employees as children and reap the rewards of increased productivity, innovation and moral.

Stay tuned for chapter one B*A*G Book Notes - Why Work Sucks

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