Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who Is This BAG Lady Anyway?

You're probably wondering who the heck is this BAG Lady and why is she writing these posts. Well there was no election, so I wasn't voted in as "THE" BAG Lady, but there in lies the beauty of it. All women are welcome and there's no test, no panel of experts and no debates. I just basically volunteered because I've observed the women around me seeking some Believe Act Go power. I thought, "Self, we (women) could use some collective BAG. My sincere hope is that I can inspire

the Belief in yourself
the desire to Act
the vision to Go where your dreams meet your reality

If you find the information helpful I am honored to provide it to you. If you have suggestions on topics to address, let me know.

Q & A Time.....
Q: Are you a certified mental health professional? A: NO

Q: Are you an expert at anything? A: Yes my life, but aren't we all even during the icky cycles.

Q: Do you follow the advise you give? A: To the best of my ability. Try Try Try. Small Change = Big Benefits

Q:What fuels your Believe Act Go? A: Top 5 - Family, Friends, Music, Solitude, Taking Action. I try to balance my fuel tank level with my fuel consumption. Running on E means I'm outside of myself pushing my life up hill. I better get in better shape because this happens sometimes.

Here's some other stuff about me that isn't too interesting, but go ahead if you're interested in reading some boring resume kind of stuff.

Kim Lampe is the founder of Modern BAG Ladies. She was determined not to be a casualty of corporate America. Her journey through life and business has prepared her to trade in TEAM CORPORATE for TEAM WOMEN. She is grateful for her 20 years experience in corporate America. MBAGL puts a unique spin on her acquired leadership skills to the benefit of women. She adapts her experience with business process improvements, customer service operations and leadership skills to the MBAGL model. She's not redefining myself, but rather realigning her inner purpose with her outer purpose, which is helping women experience more OH YES moments.

Spread Joy! Spread Fear! Have More Fun!

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