Sunday, June 13, 2010

Help Fuel The Ultimate Yellow Joy Machine

Join Us in Creating The Yellow Joy Machine which will be part of the The Joy Project 

Modern B*a*g Ladies Truth: The sooner you find an excuse to find joy, the sooner you can spread it.

Pick your joy color. Be prepared to find the joy in that color every day. Take a picture. Add an applicable caption about your joy. Post it here on the Yellow Joy Machine.

Survivors today have many outlets to break the silence and move forward with healing.  The intent of The Joy Project is to give survivors a chance to show the world what living a joyful life means; to express joy though art, poems, pictures and videos that actually define what joy is, where it is found, what it looks like, what it means, and how to live it.  It is a chance to shift the focus from trauma to joy.

Tracie, Vanessa, Megan and I will work on a submission video montage while at the conference.

The Joy Project is open to all attendees of The Army of Angels Conference.  Learn more about the conference.

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LadyJtalks said...

Well, I'll have to get together with you all at the conference and help with this. By then my life might even be settled some...I'm so glad to have found others who want joy as much as I do. What a you so much for all you are doing. You help keep me going believe me.

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...
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Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

You make me smile Lady J. Yes definately join us in aseembling all the Ultimate Yellow Joy Machine pieces in October.

I'm thinking ecletic.