Friday, June 18, 2010

Modern B*a*g Lady Truth #8

She who keeps a journal with visuals (like vision boards) and writings finds clarity in this moment, which become pieces from the past that fits nicely into her visions of the future. Besides it's just good to get it out (do not censor) and you can always use the material.   Trust me.

Your true vision for your life, rooted in your Born Belief does not accelerate your Traveling Sanctuary to speeds of 100 MPH with the intent of quickly reaching your destination.  In moments of clarity your speeds will increase, but your vision will become blurred causing you to slow down or possibility stop along side the road.  These moments are as important as the moments of clarity.

Journal Entry June 3rd 2008 (stinking at drawing is no longer an excuse.)

Website Idea June 28, 2009

Believe (thoughts) Act (draw, write, sing, color, express) Go (Visions come to life and connect with others, which reinforces the belief and creates new ones)

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