Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Totally Doable........

with the right tools, fuel and passengers, so

Exhibit A:

Below is a Twitter exchange between myself and Kelly McCormick, author of OutSell Yourself(Dancing B*a*g Lady commentary, "For those who are not familiar with Twitter just imagine it is text messaging on steroids.")

@OutSellYourself (aka Kelly McCormick) tweeted: My thought of the day: Focus on the big picture. Do 5 do-able action steps to move forward - today.  (Dancing B*a*g Lady commentary: "She said the A word, Action. It's the middle work in B*a*g (believe act to) This catches my attention.")

@believeactgo replies: @OutSellYourself thank you. will do. (Dancing B*a*g Lady commentary: "This reply announces my intention and commitment to finding 5 do-able things.")

@OutSellYourself replies:@believeactgo Keep me posted on your successes! (Dancing B*a*g Lady commentary, "Sweet!  Someone who expects my success and furthers my commitment by expecting a response")

@believeactgo replies: 
#1 doable today (1am this morning.g) rewrite executive summary of prosperity plan. CC: @outsellyourself
#2 doable today - Mailed a gift to an amazing woman. CC: @OutSellYourself
#3 doable - conference call with web designers. CC: @OutSellYourself
#4 doable today - assess need for service and request feedback from benefactors. CC @OutSellYourself
 @OutSellYourself Did 5,6,7,8 and 9, which included the all important playing catch with my son. I'll think of 5 doables each day.

@OutSellYourself replies:  @believeactgo are creating success at the speed of light! You inspire me. :-) (Dancing B*a*g Lady commentary: "Inspiration always comes full circle.")

Get some fuel. Find a tool.

I invited Kelly into my Traveling Sanctuary B*a*g (believe act go), as a passenger, when I made the choice to follow her tweets. As I journey further down the path of developing Modern B*a*g Ladies I may want to invest in Kelly's coaching services, which assists with branding, selling and marketing. She outlines her services very well on her website.  

Soon after following Kelly's messages on Twitter, I knew I would be filling up with the fuel she was sharing.   Kelly offers the fuel.  And Twitter is the tool that delivers her fuel.  I've never spoken to Kelly on the phone or in person. We have never exchanged emails for that matter, but forever in my mind Kelly McCormick will be attached to "What are my 5 doables today?"

Kelly, delivers her expertise and inspiration for free, on Twitter, and I suspect she doesn't do it expecting everyone to hire her or buy her book.  I suspect she does it because she believes in community and building relationships.

So, again I ask,"What's in your B*a*g, literally and metaphorically?"  Are you getting the right fuel? Do you have the right tools to share your fuel? 

Focus on the big picture. Do 5 do-able action steps to move forward - today.  Heck, do 1 do-able action.  Doesn't matter how big or how small.  Believe.  Act. Go. 


LadyJtalks said...

doable out of bed....doable 2...went to pool...doable lunch...doable 4...shower and dress...doable 5...go back to bed

It's a good idea to have goals

Kelly McCormick said...

Hey LadyJTalks,

It's Kelly here. Loved loved your relaxation goals. Well done. I can hardly wait to hear about your simple doable career action steps. And guess what? It's your lucky day. It's simple doable day. :-)