Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book B*a*g - A Million Miles in One Thousand Years

I bet I have read more in the last 3 years than I have my whole life leading up to that point.  I even braved the laser beam stares during a Pee Wee hockey game IN MINNESOTA because I just had to finish that book to the left. I just couldn't put the book down. My son WAS NOT on the ice, but according to my husband I was still committing a mortal hockey sin.

The book, A Million Miles in a Thousands Years,  was a gift from Chris Brogan and Donald Miller.

 Here's how that came about via Chris Brogan's blog......Chris states, "I’d love for you to write a quick blog post about the importance of story in your life. That’s it. If you want, link back to, so I’ll see the trackbacks as well." 

The first 100 people to post an article, regarding the importance of story in their lives, on their blog, would get a book.   Here's the article I wrote, Reasons to Surround Yourself with People You Admire.

When I read a good book I like to share and I love when you share your favorites as well (do that in the comments below. Hint. Hint). So, in preparation to compose this review, I go to Donald Miller's website.  As the page comes up I think to myself, (causing a distortion on my face which causes that deep crease between my eyes), "It's a sign.  One Don Miller giveaway followed by another."  I feel as it I have already won.

Here's Don's offer. You and a friend (I can't wait to ask a friend to go) can win a trip to Portland Oregon for the Living a Better Story Seminar being held September 26th and 27th.


1. Write a blog telling us about the kind of story you want to live. It might help to read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years to better understand what this means. The story doesn’t have to be a life story, it can be what you want to do next year, or for the next few years.

2. Tell us a little about how you think the seminar might help you out. You don’t have to get detailed, just let us know specifically what you’re hoping to get from the seminar. This will help us cover all our bases as people come to Portland.

3. Provide a link on your blog to the seminar site. That site is

4. Embed this video on your blog: (at the end of the post)

5. Submit a link to your blog in the comments on THIS blog entry. If you submit a question about the contest, we will unfortunately have to delete the question because we are trying to keep the entries clean and organized. 

Here's The Story....Once upon a time there was a very shy girl.  She was a good girl.  The only dreams she had were at night, except for one day dream.  Her day dream was to be on stage, singing, but mostly dancing.  As a teenager she took the stage on the softball field.  The bat, her microphone.  The pitch. The Swing. Crack! The beat. Her feet. She dances her way around the bases.  She slides across the stage.  Dirt flies.  Safe!  A trio. The crowd roars. Music to her ears. Truly the first sisterhood, for which she belonged.  The band worked together, laughed together, cried together, won together and lost together.  Her confidence soared on that stage. The tour ended.  The day dreams ceased.

Not until many years later did she again have huge day dreams, a day job and a night passion.  Her day dreams creep into the night, hence her lack of sleep most nights.  She's writing this at 2:30 am on a Saturday morning.  She feels THAT feeling, she calls OH YES Moments, that reminds her of days on the dirt stage.  There's something in common between then and now.  Women. Team. Acceptance. Passion. Fun. Joy. Low Fear.

Her belief, that girls who didn't go to college get married, led her into a 23 year career in a male dominated industry. (Long story, which  involves a marriage, the need for health insurance, a divorce and a re-marriage.)  Who knew she would stay so long, but the benefits were so nice.  Would she allow the testosterone to numb her feminine power forever, for fear of non-acceptance?  Some days, most, she questioned what she wanted and how she would get there.  Glimpses of her glory days on the field came and went.

Her daughter says mom has a very boring story.  If she could only see mom's vision. PICTURE THIS:  Millions of women carrying a Traveling Sanctuary Tote B*a*g.  Inside holds the story of a woman and a scavenger hunt, challenging women to travel and Discover their B*a*g (believe act go).  When women accomplish a challenge, a donation is provide, by sponsors, to organizations that help women in shelters. The power of giving to someone else through you giving to yourself, that's the most eco-friendly, renewable fuel source in the universe. 

THE GOAL:  Tell stories that fuel infinite Traveling Sanctuaries. The tote bag is a walking billboard that tells a story and allows you to open up a dialogue about your dreams and values. It is a metaphor that represents you as a Traveling Sanctuary.  What are you fueling it with?  Do you have the right tools?  Are you traveling outside of your comfort zone, because this is where you meet your OH YES Moments and Discover Your B*a*g.   It will create an inclusive sisterhood, where women feel free to strip off their labels and help each other.

Future plans involve providing women in shelters access to the fuel and tools afforded to women who have resources.  These resources include: lap-top computers with wireless cards, smart-phones, access to online training, which can be delivered through mobile applications and specific to all women's needs.

We will start with a simple canvas bag, like the one I started carrying 3 years ago. What did I say I started doing three years ago?  I started to read more stories.  I didn't just put books in that bag.  I put all kinds of things.  I called it my Traveling Sanctuary.  What I came to understand is that that bag was a metaphor for me.  I am the Traveling Sanctuary and I needed to fuel and tool it properly so I could provide fuel and tools to others.

The past three years I have been slowly building a community of women and a platform from which to execute the plan.  I have met so many amazing women.  I will begin by, helping them, tell their story.  A new website will soon launch and I am currently working on our first story, tote bag and scavenger hunt.

HER CHALLENGE: Will her daughter lose herself, only to find her again mid-life?  Was her mom meant to have a 39 year introduction section to your real life story? Perhaps. She convinces herself that she needs to accept the fact that she was born with a diesel motor, "Slow to start, but when she stays plugged in and  gets going she's POWERFUL".    She needs to strip away the bought and borrowed beliefs that has delivered too many things, debt and a false sense of security.  When you think about it, it is somewhat similar to a woman who stays with an abusive partner.  The fear of the unknown causes a false sense of security.  Either way it's a risk. You doubt you have the resources or courage to venture out on your own.  There is a family to think about; their needs and their security as well.  This is a challenge of many women, more so for single mothers.

The girl is ready to take the stage. In September she hopes to be set out on a challenging scavenger hunt, which involves more than reading and listening.  She needs a little push and to be held accountable. Actions speak louder than words.  Let's amaze each other by what we can do in just a few short days.

Living a Better Story Seminar from All Things Converge Podcast on Vimeo.


Chloe said...

This post is amazing. I wish I had someone like you in my life as a mentor! Your "story board" is inspiring and the best entry I've read so far, by a long shot. (I have overcome abuse in my life, so that is why I can relate to many of your words.) I hope you win the trip.

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

Thank you Chloe. Your comment means so much.