Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sticky Business - Bumper Stickers of Life

B as is Bumper.  B as in Belief.

The bumper stickers of life are sticky.  Some may fade.  Some may get covered.  But, they all remain with us as we travel.

B as in Belief.  Not R as in Role. You take your beliefs with you to each of your roles.

 It's important to identify your beliefs, otherwise your Traveling Sanctuary will look like a Band Wagon.  That gets confusing for you and others.

Challenge your beliefs. They will either become stronger or be replaced.

You always lead with your Beliefs, so apparently the Traveling Sanctuary pictured above is traveling in reverse.
Identify your B's.  It leads to Action, which leads to those OH Yes Moments, which is your Go Fuel.

Here's a start.  I BELIEVE.......(fill in the blank)

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From Tracie said... is something to cherish, not something to overlook!