Sunday, July 4, 2010

Comming Soon - Discover Your B*a*g Scavenger Hunt

A Tote B*a*g that's a Traveling Sanctuary ~ You're the Traveling Sanctuary

A Tote B*a*g that coaches ~ It's not a Coach Bag

A Tote B*a*g that reminds you to fuel yourself first ~ Self Care, Not Selfish Care

A Tote B*a*g that is a conversation piece ~ It voices your passions and starts a conversation

A Tote B*a*g that supports the empowerment of women.

Discover Your B*a*g ~ We want to share your story.  Your B*a*g fuels the Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary of others.

Proceeds of tote bag sales benefit Enchanted Makeovers and The Angela Shelton Foundation, two non-profit organizations that empower healing and leading joyful lives.

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