Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have B*a*g Will Travel & Merge - NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON

We're Moving.  Soon this blog will merge with the new Modern B*a*g Ladies Website. We're working on some great projects and gaining some more focus.  Thank you for your continued support and patiently following along.  We hope you'll invite more of your friends as we will be providing the vehicle to share your stories, to challenge you to take action and to help our sisters.

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Rosi said, "You've come a long way.  Just look at what you've accomplished."  I find her words encouraging.  I've heard those words a few times in the last year from amazing sister friends.

Nearly two years ago I wrote my first blog post. (Excuse me while I reflect upon this milestone:  Who is this B*a*g Lady Anyway.)  I wrote, "You're probably wondering who the heck is this BAG Lady and why is she writing these posts. Well there was no election, so I wasn't voted in as "THE" BAG Lady, but there in lies the beauty of it. All women are welcome and there's no test, no panel of experts and no debates. I just basically volunteered because I've observed the women around me seeking some Believe Act Go power. I thought, "Self, we (women) could use some collective BAG. My sincere hope is that I can inspire, the Belief in yourself,,the desire to Act and the vision to Go where your dreams meet your reality."

3 1/2 years ago I became acutely aware that I was traveling on too busy, mom, wife, career woman highway. I thought my exhaustion and spiritual emptiness was the price every woman had to pay for success.  I did have a physical wound.  Surgery took care of that.  During the 6 weeks of medical leave I was forced off of the fast lane to reflect on how I had arrived at this place.  The physical wound soon healed, but it was just the beginning of my spiritual healing.

We're fast approaching the 2 year anniversary of this blog.  2 years ago I wrote about not being a casualty of corporate America, which by the way is not the enemy.  Casualty? Kind of dramatic.  Myrna was my life coach at the time.  I told her I needed an escape plan.  She interpreted that to mean that I needed to replace the income my career had delivered.  I would have thought the same thing if I were her.  I wasn't quite sure where I needed to go or how exactly I was going to get there, but I did know I had much more too offer AND for a purpose much bigger than myself.

Self discovery, which we call Discovering Your B*a*g, can't be accomplished through a 6 week on-line training course.  It's a life long journey.  With this in mind, I remind myself not to be so hard on myself and less critical of the pace of my so called "escape".  When I hear the words Rosi shared with me today I am reminded that it's about the journey.  I hope you'll keep riding along with me on this journey and invite more as well.  Here's Modern B*a*g Ladies on  Facebook and Twitter.

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