Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does Your B*a*g Say, "I Love Myself"

Your own sleeping child is just, well........the most amazing and heart warming sight on the face of the earth.  Quiet.  Innocent. Soft round rosy cheeks. Huge eyelashes. You lay next to her and all is right in the world.  How could I have yelled at her, over a few crumbs on the back seat of the car.  The perfection of God's love.  If you're a mom of a child or mom of a beloved dog, I know, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Your heart swells and you feel as if it is literally smiling.  You must be beaming.  The ray of the sun couldn't be as bright and warm.  Inhale.........Mmm.......strawberry, watermelon.  Oh the feeling of a bath just before bed.  She smells so sweet. You could just gobble her up.

Now, I have a favor to ask. Outstretch your arms.  Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder.  Imagine you are laying next to yourself as a sweet sleeping child.  Close your eyes and squeeze.  You are God's love in perfection.  You are a gift.  You are innocent.  You are well just the most amazing spirit on the face of the earth.  Can't quite get there?  I know it takes practice, but we must find ways to express our love to ourselves.

As I observe families with diaper bags at my 8 year old's baseball game, I have this idea, but first I think to myself, "I am so happy to be over the diaper stage,"  I couldn't watch any of my daughter's athletic games when Gavin was a toddler because he was into everything, crawling away and begging to play at the playground.  At some point the diaper bag turns into a toy bag, which turns into a technical gaming bag, which turns into a sports bag and a school book bag.  Over time the pampering and fun B*a*g disappears.

So, back to my idea.  Imagine your handbag as a diaper bag. Are you prepared to treat yourself as well as you would treat a precious little baby?

 Time to play a matchy-matchy game. Empty the contents of your handbag/tote bag and compare them to the contents of a diaper bag.  Ask yourself, "Does my B*a*g say, "I Love Myself."

Diaper = ?
Baby Wipes = ?
Nourishing Formula/Breast Milk and Food = ?
Diaper Rash Cream = ?
Soft White Clean Under Shirt = ?
Teething Ring = ?
Picture Book = ?
Crayon/Color Book = ?
Toys = ?
Lotion = ?
Sunscreen = ?

Now I'm hopping in my stroller and taking a little stroll.  Looking at the world with wonder.  "Hey!  How did I get my toe in my mouth?"  Must be those yoga classes. NOT!!!

Photo credits MarloElaine & Sweet Little Baby Kim with her brothers


From Tracie said...

Sweet little Kim and her brothers are so cute!

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...


I know you know the feeling of laying next to your sleeping daughter. Isn't is so great when we can love ourselve that much. Amazing!!!! Now to give that to others as well. POWERFUL!!!

Love, grace, forgiveness, accountability all rolled up together. It's God's love intended for all.