Monday, July 26, 2010

Motoring in the Bright Lights

Mom to 8 year old son, "Gavin, What should I write about?"

Son replies, "Write about the bag lady in Vegas, duh mom,"

Gavin and I were in Vegas spending some time with dad and husband this last weekend.  Tom works in Vegas.  He works for Lifetime Fitness, a high-end fitness and wellness company.  He's in charge of the on-site construction of their fitness centers, which takes up to 16 months to build.  He comes home to Minnesota 3 weekends a month. We thought it would be nice to see where dad spends most of his days.

As I merged the Modern B*a*g Ladies' graphic with the photo of the original Vegas sign, the contrast and similarities hit me.  At the bottom left of the MBL graphic it says, "follow the signs". Now if I were lost in the middle of the desert, Vegas would be the flame and I would be the moth.  The signs are so obvious. The contrast between the dull tan desert landscape and the enormity and gaudiness of the strip causes me to admire the engineering and entertainment feats, yet disgust in the waste and excess.

Vegas causes me to immediately crawl into my shell. In these environments of enormous energy I question my nature and do self destructive comparisons.  The more self aware I am, the stronger the contrasts become. What I know about myself, and what I have written about before, is that my Traveling Sanctuary has a diesel  motor, which is to say that I like things slow and easy going, like the subtle rolling hills in MBL graphic.

 Diesel motors need to stay plugged in (at least in cold weather) to get their engine going.  In contrast, a zippy 5 speed motor needs more coolant to keep it's engine running. My husband and son definitely have 5 speed motors and my daughter has a diesel motor.  Tom and Gavin fill the space with high energy.  Paige and I can sit quietly for hours and be perfectly content.

Neither is right or wrong.  It is as it was meant to be.  Being aware is the key and accepting your gift, which is your born nature is a form of self love.  

Think about your Traveling Sanctuary engine and what type of fuel you need.  This diesel motor needs a dose of high octane jet fuel from time to time.  And I believe 5 speed engines need to find their own personal formula of coolant from time to time. 

What type of Traveling Sanctuary car are you?  Make? Model? Color?  You can see mine above in the graphic. Hey, it's actually a little sporty.  I even have the top down. I'm not sure Thunderbirds came with diesel motors, but this my blog and I can imagine anything I want.

Picturing yourself as a car can help you think about what fuel you need and your proper maintenance schedule.  Use your imagination and draw a mental picture.  When I am in a high energy environment, I am not joking when I say that I remind myself that I am diesel motor.  It has value and I don't need to swap motors.  I was meant to have this engine.

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LadyJtalks said...

As I get ready to move this week this was surely a good read for me. I can't wait to be settled and getting back into a real life again. These post keep me thinking and surely I'll need that when i start that road again to living. I think I'll go back to being my first car I owned. A 54 Chevy wagon, one of the first two speed hydro-matics, that still had the brake fluid cap under the mat in the drivers seat. Plenty of room I could have used it when I thought I was going to be homeless a few weeks I'm moving 300 miles north to rent a room. That car would have saved on a moving truck also it had enough room to put a whole band of equipment in.