Monday, July 5, 2010

The Best Fuel is FUN & FREE

Yes, it's true, the best fuel is free.  That is, fuel for your Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary.  And a Victoria Secret Catalog Contains Free Fuel.

 Fuel - Intangible energy you generate from within your feminine power.  It is eco-friendly and infinitely renewable.  Your joy and love shared with others fuels the fuel, multiplying the fuel.  It's a beautiful cycle.

Case in point:

  • One Daughter
  • One Mom
  • One Friend
  • Friend's kitchen
  • One Victoria Secret Catalog
Passing the time, waiting to savor an amazing Fourth of July meal I flip through a Victoria Secret catalog, sitting on the kitchen island counter top."Paige, assuming I am 50 pounds lighter and would look fabulous in any of these outfits, pick which outfit I would choose for myself.  Don't point it out until I tell you I've made my decision."

You're sitting, waiting for an appointment or at one of your child's activities. You're riding in your car.  It's seemingly wasted idle time, but in reality it's the prime time to have fun and learn something about your friends and family.  It's free time, literally free fuel time.

Taking turns picking our favorite outfits was a fun game.  I think we had a accuracy rate of 80%. "Why did you pick that?" I learned more about how her outer style reflects her inner spirit; earthy, eclectic, whimsy. 

Sharing and having fun is the best fuel.  You don't need to spend money going to the movies, bowling or going on an expensive vacation to fuel the fun.  What fun, free games do you play?  When and where?  What do you learn about your friends and family members? 


SLY said...

From such a simple activity you could learn fun little quirks about your friends and family. I love the small joys of life!

From Tracie said...

My family loves to do quotes or recite small scenes from movies, books, and tv shows and let the others guess where the quote came from. It is always interesting to see my daughter, who is 6, work hard to try to stump us...and also see how extremely accurate she is in her memory. This game always contains lots of deep belly laughs.

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...


That's a good one. We do improv. It comes out of nowhere and goes down some interesting paths.