Friday, July 9, 2010

Re-Tool Your B*a*g

Nothing tickles my dork more than RE-purposed, RE-designed, RE-cycled, RE-sourced and RE-allocated tools.  Just call me Kim the Tool Lady Lampe, manufacturing joy with re-purposed tools.  I wrote a series of articles about this subject on The Survivor Manual.

Tool (noun) – Any instrument of use or service.
Tool (noun) – A weapon.
Tool (noun;person) – A person used as an instrument by another person.

Joy is an assembly of many simple parts.  We must find the tools to put them together.  We already posses some tools.  Be creative.  Re-purpose what you already carry in your tool bag.  Seek new tools when necessary.  Share your tools.  You are a powerful instrument.

My daughter provided a new definition the other day.  Tool - A boy with no substance.   I gather this means, someone who is easily used and manipulated.  And in reference to boys I gather she means a boy who allows his little brain to control his big brain.  So, tools are very powerful.  It's important to use them wisely.

Be On the Lookout for Your Tools - Here are Some Examples

EXAMPLE #1 Re-designed ~ Solves Problems

Re-designed tools are awesome especially when the designers consults with the users and involves them in the re-design process. Ty Pennington (yes the Ty from Extreme Home Makeover) helped Similac re-design the container of their baby formula powder.  I think it's genius in it's No DUH factor and it reminds me of the re-designed paint cans with easy pour spouts, sturdy handle and screw on lid.

Here's what's new:
*  Less mess with the scooper caddy.
*  Easy grip design, when a very tired mom is holding baby and trying to make formula at 3am
*  Hinged lid so it doesn't get lost
*  Contoured bottom so the scoop can get the last bit of powder, so there is no waste

Example #2 - Re-Cycled ~ Eliminates Waste

Goingreen is a registered trademark of the promotional company Norwood.

It's pretty much common knowledge that drinking water is good for you.  Some will tell you that you need 10 - 8 ounce glasses a day.  Dr. Oz will tell you that you don't need that much because your food contains water as well.  Either way, what is the worse thing if you drank too much water?  Probably just more trips to the bathroom.

So, a tool everyone should have in their B*a*g is a water bottle.  I was gifted a new one yesterday and I was pleased to see that, even though it was made of plastic, it was also, #1 recyclable, biodegradable and made from recycled materials.  Whether companies are getting on the green band wagon purely for profit or because they genuinely care for the environment, it's a good thing.

Another favorite tool I have is clipped onto my handbag, It's handy reusable bag.  It's compact and ready at a moments notice.  Doing your part to help the environment undoubtedly gives a person joy with each plastic bag not used.  Use RE-usable bags. It's so simple. I bought mine from Wisepack

Example #3 Easy Re-Source ~ Timely

Lynda where have you been my whole life?  Oh Lynda you're so fine.  You're so fine. You blow my mind.  Listen to Lynda's story.  I'm in love.  I think I have found my benchmark company. I need to learn new digital tools and I have found my easy RE-source.  It is timely, easy to use and has excellent content. AND I love Lynda's story.  This is their mission and motive quoted directly from their website. Our mission

Helping you learn, master, and apply digital tools and techniques.


Here at, we believe in life-long learning. We believe that education is power, knowledge creates opportunity, and that technology should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to make everything we know available to you to help reach your creative and career goals.

We believe no one should be phased out, that everyone has a “new and improved” version inside, and that comprehensive, straightforward training can make a world of difference.

We want you to not only gain skills, but to also gain confidence. We encourage you to jump in feet first and walk away smarter than you were before. We forever support you in your aspirations to never stop learning, and never stop growing.

Example #4 Re-Allocate - Money

"Collectively, Americans and Europeans spend $17 billion a year on pet food.  We could do much more than feed the family of mankind and our cats and dogs; we could assist that family in acquiring the basic skills and tools it needs to feed itself, while maintaining the natural resources on which all life depends." (Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver)

It's not important how much money we accumulate in our B*a*g.  It's important how we allocate the money we have.  I am starting to follow Wise Bread.  Wise Bread is a community of bloggers here to help you live large on a small budget. Despite what you may have heard, you don't have to sacrifice your financial independence to enjoy life.  Money is a tool to be allocated for the joy of all.  I think the word for that is philanthropy.

Now......... to Re-Tool Your B*a*g

The next time my husband asks, "Can I buy a welder to build the trailer to haul the Bobcat (moves dirt)?."  The answer will be no, no and no.  What's with boys and their Tools!? Gotta love em, for sure.  They're always burning things up and playing in the dirt.  Have a one time job that needs a special tool? RENT IT!

Think about your tools.  Do they need a RE-DO?  Apply the RE. RE-purpose, RE-design, RE-cycle, Easy RE-source and RE-allocate your tools.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing makes me happier than to make something from nothing especially when it comes to decorating. Thinking green is the way to go and it puts money in your pocket.