Sunday, September 7, 2008

Memory of 9/11. What is a women to do?

Live. Forgive. Seek. Imagine.

I'm writing this post Sunday morning September 7th, 2008 at 12:50 am.
Without giving much thought to the soon approaching anniversary of the terrorist attacks that occured 9/11/2001 I rented a documentary, On Native Soil, yesterday afternoon. It is a documentary of the 9/11 Commission Report.
AM 9/11/2001 - I was sitting in the doctor's office, waiting to be seen by my doctor, anticipating the birth of my son. I was listening to the radio as these events unfolded in misbelief.

I do not find many movie rentals very appealing these days and decided to browse the special interest section. I suppose with my mind filled with overwhelming information, opinions and criticisms of recent events leading up to the presidential election I was drawn towards my selection.

An overpowering conclusion came to me. Not a new one, but one with more intensity. I only have control over my own actions. I am confronted with decisions every second, every hour, every day, every week, every year. Some hard, some easy, some even robotic. Being a robot? Am I hypnotized, low on fuel, complacent, traveling along my journey directed by borrowed and bought beliefs. PERHAPS.

All is not lost, tomorrow is a new day, but at the same time a new day that could be lost to my robotic mind. Which will I decide?

Stand in judgement OR seek to understand
Help OR
turn a blind eye
Find excues OR
find a way

It seems so complicated, but it is not so. You know as do I, that deep down we all know what is right and good. I have faith in humanity and in myself.

My final thoughts. People will make mistakes, people will be hurt. If you hurt or do wrong, apologize and find a way to do better. If you have been hurt, forgive (including forgiving yourself) even if an apology has not been spoken. Seemingly complicated situations require simple imagination. Allow your mind to go there.

When a small group of surviving family members of the 9/11 attacks came together to demand answers, wanting their loved ones' death not to be in vain, they were simply asking for the truth, an apology and a committment to doing better. One man gave them this at the conclusion of the long drawn out commission.

Within your reach of influence you have much power to make this world worth living in. Your mind, your heart, your family, your community, your company, your state, your country, your world, your universe. I have faith in myself and humanity. I hate to even imagine the alternative.


Anonymous said...

We will all die, but no one really believes it. I was conducting a staff meeting of 100 people that morning. We had walked by the monitors at the hospital on the way to the meeting as the first tower plummeted. Word came at the meeting at 8:30 that the Pentagon had been hit, I could not breathe. My brother-in-law works at the Pentagon. We did not hear until 5:00pm that evening that he was safe. He is always at the pentagon by 6:30 am and for whatever reason, he went to his Crystal City office that very morning. The next morning a secretary outside his office dropped over dead of a heart attack. My sister worked at a grade school near DC. 9 parents of those very children lost their lives that day. Grief beyond belief. I work with 2 immigrated physicians from El Salvador and during the civil war had 24 hours to leave their country, their families and their lives. They were there with me that day and again felt the violation of terrorism. That day changes us all forever. You will always remember the first person you called that day. It still brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for some therapy time. Kim you are awesome! Rustic Lady

Angela said...

It's amazing how we all know right where we were and what we were doing that very moment. I stood in my living room in shock as the second plane hit and in even more dismay when the buildings came down. I don't remember if I was even able to move in that time.

It changed me and we all need to do more, care more about the world around us. I also believe that women in politics can make a huge difference. We think differently and that can really benefit the country.

It's not that we're better, just different. We as women, mothers, wives, and business owners can do so much in our world, reaching out. I think it's important with this anniversary of 9/11 we should all think of how we can give back to this world, even just acts of kindness to our neighbors... It all matters and there is a ripple effect.

Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...

Angela you are right on target here. Here is part of today's meditation from Meditations For Women How Do Too Much by Anne Wilson Schaef

"Women have always been the guardians of wisdon and humanity, which makes them natural, but usually secret rulers. The time has come to have the rule openly, but together with and not against men." Charlotte Wolf

We just need to be ourselves and not the motivated by those bought and borrowed beliefs. Angela, Go Get our B*A*G on!!!

Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...

Rustic Lady,

You just never know what others have been through. I feel so grateful for my blessed life.